Discover Dragonera Island
Discover Dragonera Island
Discover Dragonera Island, an islet in front of Mallorca

Less than a kilometre from the island of Mallorca is one of the greatest natural attractions of the Balearic archipelago. Dragonera Island, a small islet with a surface area of less than 3 km and barely 360 metres high, is today an uninhabited Natural Park declared by the Government of the Balearic Islands, although it was inhabited in the past since the Talayotic era.

This small island is a dream place that every nature lover should visit: it has trails with incredible views and unspoiled landscapes of great natural value, without forgetting the endemic fauna and flora of the island, among which it stands out for its birds. and especially for the small dragons for which it was baptized with the name "Dragonera".

This islet can only be reached by boat, and there are several options from organized excursions by catamaran to practice snorkeling and the ferry trip, which leaves from San Telmo every half hour in the morning and arrives at Dragonera in just twenty minutes.

Once on the small island, there are four main paths that lead us to the best places from which to contemplate magnificent views of the archipelago.

In the first place, the Tramontana Lighthouse is a one-hour route counting both the way there and the return, perfect to go with children. It takes us to the Lighthouse, which allows us to observe the coast of Mallorca in the distance.

Another option is the Far Vell (Old Lighthouse) route, which was the island's old lighthouse but is now abandoned. Its height offers incredible views of Mallorca and the Mediterranean Sea that you cannot miss.

A considerably longer route is that of the Llebeig Lighthouse, about three hours. A path that leads to Torre de Llebeig, which was built many years ago to watch over the arrival of pirates in Dragonera.

Finally, and also perfect for walking with children, we find the Punta de na Miranda route, with privileged views over Cala Lladó and the areas that were formerly used for farming.

Dragonera is, without a doubt, a virgin paradise. One of the few places whose original topography is still practically intact, and a dream place in which to enjoy a swim in the waters of the Mediterranean.

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