Gift a piece of Mallorca
Gift a piece of Mallorca
Crafts in Mallorca are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the culture of the island. A great option to give when you return from your trip.
Making a special, original and beautiful gift is not always easy, but we bring you the key to success to surprise your loved ones when you return from your holiday on the island. It is about the crafts of Mallorca. It is a present that will show that you have thought of detail beyond the everyday and tourist and, on the other hand, you are wearing a typical Mallorcan product.

You may wonder why crafts in Mallorca are so important and special? Well, because it talks about our history, our traditions and the culture of this fantastic island. The master craftsmen have made their art, their skill and their dedication a trade that in most cases has been transmitted from generation to generation. In addition, the products that you can find are of all kinds and for all tastes.

We are talking about trades as diverse and valuable for the economic progress and culture of Mallorca as ax master, marger, stonemason, carpenter, blacksmith and glassmaker, among many others. And this without forgetting all the crafts in Mallorca related to plastic arts, gastronomy, fashion or music. It is estimated that there are more than 240 trades classified in 17 areas.

And where will you find crafts in Mallorca? In small own workshops, but above all in native and traditional markets typical of the island. The Mallorcans meet in these markets as a weekly meeting point, but also to acquire new products and enrich themselves with tradition.

In addition, the craft markets in Mallorca are usually beautiful. They are outdoors, they have a picturesque and colourful appearance and you can find them both during the day and at night. Often, you will also find a rich gastronomic offer typical of the island and music that will make the shopping day even more special.

Where to stay?

And to enjoy Crafts in Mallorca there is nothing better than staying in a hotel with a good location connected to the main points of interest on the island.

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The rooms are totally comfortable and have all the services for a memorable experience. In addition, the Cupido Boutique Hotel has chill out areas where you can relax on Balinese beds, a spa with sauna and a pool area with a cocktail bar where you can have a drink with views.

And of course, Cupido Boutique Hotel team has a long history of tourism on the island, so they will be able to advise you on any questions about craft markets in Mallorca, points of interest, routes and idyllic beaches.

Reserve your room at Cupido Boutique Hotel and enjoy crafts in Mallorca.